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Become a Sponsor

Gandangara has a strong vision and clear plan to provide a better, happier future for our Members  and community. The implementation of this vision, through our health, transport, land conservation, cultural, historical and educational services and programs, offers many corporate sponsorship opportunities to a wide range of brands and enterprises.

A collaborative partnership with Gandangara, provides your organisation with access to a wealth of opportunities to be associated with and contribute to important social, community, educational, environmental, cultural, historical and wildlife programs. These allow you to fulfil your corporate social responsibility objectives, and enjoy the brand benefits that come from such a positive association.   

We are committed to delivering tailored partnership arrangements which will allow your organisation to:  

  • Increase brand awareness and visibility across our over two million annual visitors 
  • Build brand preference and achieve brand differentiation 
  • Diversify and gain a competitive sales edge 
  • Enhance brand image and highlight brand values 
  • Align with a trusted and iconic brand 
  • Contribute to important wildlife, education, community and environmental programs and fulfil corporate social responsibility objectives 
  • Target key demographics and reach new audiences   
  • Build goodwill with existing customers  
  • Engage, motivate and reward employees and their families 
  • Provide bespoke and unique experiences for clients and partners 

Leveraging your partnership

A partnership with Gandangara represents an opportunity to explore new and creative strategies for your organisation through multiple onsite and offsite brand and activation opportunities and benefits that can be customised to suit your objectives and give your brand a point of difference within the marketplace.  

Gandangara provides many opportunities to engage with promotions and sponsorships that will deliver a strong connection with your target audiences.  

The various levels of sponsorship allow our partners to: 

  • Secure naming rights to an exhibit, site or associated conservation or education programs   
  • Use the Gandangara brand, logos and imagery 
  • Provide promotional opportunities on its lands 
  • Host unique hospitality experiences such as Welcome to Country and Acknowledgments, Cultural Talks and Smoking ceremonies.  
  • Access our staff, stakeholders and wider community and audiences including opportunities to amplify your messages via our highly-engaging communications and social media platforms  


If you are interested in starting this conversation with Gandangara, please call us on 9602 5280, or email Otherwise, please don't hesitate to use our Contact Us form on this website.