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Media for Communication

We are using all the popular forms of communication and social media such as Facebook, emails, mobile texts, newsletters, so that we can reach all our Members and community faster, with more timely information.

Please take a moment to visit our Gandangara Local Aboriginal Land Council Facebook Page and follow us for regular updates about our services and events!

Multimedia Showcase

Welcome to the captivating world of videos showcasing a diverse array of events, initiatives, and programs here at Gandangara Local Aboriginal Land Council. Here, we bring the power of visual storytelling to life, offering you a front-row seat to the remarkable moments, innovations, and transformative journeys that define our organisation. Whether you're looking to relive the excitement of past events, gain insight into our latest initiatives, or dive into the heart of our impactful programs, our media page is your one-stop destination for inspiration, education, and entertainment.