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Meet the Land Management, Culture, Heritage, Ecology and GLALC team

The Land Management, Culture, Heritage, Ecology and GLALC team is multi-faceted, and is responsible for the protection of Aboriginal culture and heritage, the management of our land claims, as well as developing our media, communications and policy profile. Our team works on applying for grant income and liaising with networks and stakeholder groups to advocate for Aboriginal land rights and justice.

We also work on organisational compliance and relationships with local government
Councils and community groups with other stakeholders. All of this is in the service of our Members and local community so that the benefits of Aboriginal land rights can be experienced in tangible ways for our local Aboriginal community.

We currently have one full time Ranger, who has worked alongside archaeologists, academics, local museums and council authorities to implement an effective site and artefact management and preservation program.

In 2022 we will be implementing Rangers Programs with the help of funding from the NSW Environmental Trust and the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, along with the NSW Aboriginal Land council. We look forward to sharing this exciting initiative with you and offering you the opportunity of joining in with us. More information about how to register your interest will be posted in the near future.