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Acknowledgements of Country recognises visitors entry into a specific Aboriginal territory. It also confirms, to them,  whose land they are actually on, and are given permission to pass through it. It is an invitation to you.

Acknowledgements are given by a person from outside that area or country, and who conforms to local protocols required to give a welcome.

A Welcome to Country is given by a person from the specific area in which the welcome is being made.

The person giving a Welcome To Country or an Acknowledgement must be an Elder of the Aboriginal community and understands what is required in giving them. 

Other Services In Addition to Welcome to Country

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Optional Cultural Services

A Smoking – This is a spiritual ceremony that is done to cleanse the soul, and ward away bad or unwanted spirits. It is a form of baptism by smoke rather than water.

Cultural Talks – These are given by Elders or Rangers to educate audiences about the Aboriginal history of the region – their daily activities, lifestyles, hunting, diet, and stories of the land and tribes

Cultural Performances - Includes Traditional Cultural dance and/or song

Cultural Education Workshop - (day rate) Includes Aboriginal storytelling, cultural heritage history presentations, artefact and ancient weaponry displays and more.

Aboriginal Cultural Site Tours - Explore the Aboriginal history of the South-Western Sydney area, including rare and protected rock art and sacred sites owned in freehold title by Gandangara.

Aboriginal Cultural Capabilities Workshop - Includes professional consultancy services/training in Aboriginal Cultural Protocols, lore and law, Aboriginal workplace relations, and/or Cultural Heritage

Cultural Workshop (Youth) - Includes traditional Aboriginal arts, crafts and/or interactive sessions

To organise a Welcome to Country, Acknowledgement, or any optional Cultural services, please complete the online booking form or contact Gandangara Land Council head office for further details via email at