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Aboriginal Site Monitoring

All sites of historical interest and cultural value to Aboriginal people of this region are regularly monitored. This is especially important with sites that have artefacts, caves with carvings, paintings, work areas, camping areas, napping or tool making areas.

Aboriginal site monitoring requires regular visits to all our sites of value and interest, and a careful and meticulous recording of their condition.

Each site has its’ own Specific Site Card issued by the Office of Environment and Heritage. The Site Card has a detailed description of the actual site, its’ location, directions to the location, descriptions of the environment and what should be found there, such as artefacts, drawings, carvings and tools. The Gandangara Ranger goes out to the site to ensure that it matches up to the description provided in the detailed Site Card information. We also photograph, categorise, test and catalogue all artefacts that are found.

Proper site management ensures that it is protected and maintains its’ original appearance. If any damage ( such as bushfires or vandalism ) is found on the site, it is reported to both the Gandangara Local Aboriginal Council  and the State Land Council who decide how best to remediate the damage.

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