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Land Management

Our land assets continue to go from strength to strength. In addition to the improvements to Heathcote Ridge, other land assets and values increased over the past year. We had two successful land claims, and the re-evaluation of existing land assets have added over $9 million to our balance sheet.  

We are also now working closely with the Sutherland Shire to clean up and restore our landholdings at Heathcote Ridge. It is not only our responsibility, the land is also a wonderful landscape to be enjoyed, where we can connect to country, nature, plants, wildlife and scenery.

  • We are working with independent ecologist, Shire Council scientists, and our own experts to develop the right plan for the remedy, restoration and security needed to protect our land
  • Tenders are now being sought for remedial work and security implementation
  • We will be putting up signage that announces our ownership and that the land is private property, as well as signposting all the significant cultural sites there.
  • We will invite community participation in the land rehabilitation, giving our community the opportunity to care for country and the cultural sites on it – which will be a great, practical example of reconciliation in action.
  • Once the land is restored it’s value increases significantly and so do options of what we can do with it
    (for example commercial development or leasing) for the benefit of our Members.

Our current Community, Land and Business Plan has outlined a comprehensive strategy and rollout of plans and programs to ensure that we able to effectively manage, maintain and develop our land holdings.

Our overall program is outlined in the following categories and steps to be taken –

 1: Land Management Team

  • Identify and deal with any potential conflicts of management team members or the groups they represent

2: Land Acquistions

  • Liase with Registrar and NSWALC, and determine current status
  • Ensure lands granted are surveyed to enable title transfere
  • Identify other lands of significance
  • Identify other means of land acquisition ( eg philanthropic gifts, purchase, grants )

3: Land Maintenance

  • Undertake regular site inspections, restrict access in accordance with policy and implement protection measures
  • Negotiate join site management agreeents on non-owned land
  • Develop and implement land risk management plan
  • Promote GLALC land management achievements in wider community

4: Land Development

  • Ensure feasibility studies and business plans are prepared for all proposed projects
  • Ensure statutory requirements are met and Members have pre-approved any proposals
  • Negotiate developer concessions where possible
  • Develop Indigenous preferential tendering program