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Social and Emotional Wellbeing

This wellbeing encompasses the social, emotional, spiritual, and cultural wellbeing of a person and also recognises that connection to land, culture, spirituality, family, and community are important and can impact wellbeing.

An all-encompassing, holistic approach to physical and mental wellbeing is the core to improving Aboriginal health and contributions to society. This is why it is essential for GLALC to only recommend health workers that have an understanding of culture and training in the many wellbeing components. Closing the Gap requires taking a broad view of all the relevant factors that contribute to Aboriginal wellbeing. Any disruption to a connection to land causes grief and persistent ill-health.  GLALC promotes strong, resilient communities that restore social and emotional wellbeing.

Gandangara Health Services is an Aboriginal Community Controlled Medical Centre which offers a welcoming,  friendly and culturally safe place for all health needs. We view health as a holistic and ever-changing goal, involving not just the physical, but also mental and spiritual needs, of the person and the community.

Gandangara Health Services is a health hub, playing host to many visiting specialists and clinics, and continually expanding in the directions that the community needs. As our community grows, so does the volume of voices that guide us in which way to go next. We are not an average GP clinic. With longer appointment times, and a team of amazing health professionals to help you on your health journey, we strive to walk with you and help you live a deadly life!

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At Gangangara Transport Services we provide transport for eligible and vunerable people in our community, who are either living a long way from available public transport or prefer to use our service.

We understand that getting out of the house and engaging with your community is important to your social and emotional wellbeing, which is why we organise a monthly calendar of social events and outings that you are welcome to join. You don’t have to stress about how to get there, we’ll do it all for you. That’s why more and more people have been coming to our depot to have a yarn up, enjoy a healthy lunch and engage in fun activities. They are also joining us for our trips to the cultural sites, to see the Christmas lights and coming to our gatherings throughout the year.

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GTS provides transport for Aboriginal people over 50 years and also offers services to the wider community for those over 65 years. A critical service for our community and much valued during the COVID-19 pandemic as it enabled clients to attend their medical appointments. We also delivered essential care packages to Members in need as well as to check on them to see if they are ok, particularly with social isolation. GTS has now replaced taxis to transport chronic care patients in the Liverpool area and has applied for NDIS accreditation.  The GTS depot has become a regular meeting place for yarns and a healthy lunch.  The one-day excursions are increasingly popular and provide another point of connection.

Marumali is a service that specialises in navigating and educating our clients, and mainstream medical services around the health system.

We do this by using the 715 Aboriginal Health Assessment to guide us in what our clients need, and then helping our clients to find affordable and good quality services to ensure the needs are met. If we cannot find an affordable service for the client, we can assist in paying for the consultation so that medical care is not missed.

We also run various health-based programs and events, including Martial Arts Fitness, Women's Group, Art & Culture, School Holiday Cultural Learning Days and Movie Days.

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You can contact us at anytime, or on 02 96025280 from Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 5 pm