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Grounded to Gunhi (Mother)

This video is a traditional Dreamtime story told by Deegan Hunter, Aboriginal Health Outreach Worker with Marumali. The story represents the themes of perseverance through adversity, respect & support, which helps us to ground ourselves during these difficult times. As long as you have your Gunhi to ground you and connect you to your roots, you will always have support to help you grow and stand strong.

During this lockdown, period remembers to protect yourself and to reach out to anyone that you think maybe in need. Stay safe during these complicated times.

If you require support you can always give us a call on:
Marumali Health Brokerage 02 9602 9677
Gandangara Health Services 02 9601 0700
Gandangara Transport Services 02 9608 0968
GLALC 02 9602 5280

24/7 Mental Health Services

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