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Funeral Fund

As part of its commitment to the Aboriginal people of NSW and to fulfil its legislative commitments to provide community benefits to members of Local Aboriginal Land Councils and the wider Aboriginal community, the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) offers Land Council members, and Aboriginal people resident in New South Wales the ability to seek limited financial grants under a Community Benefits Scheme.

A Funeral Fund was established in 1991-1992 and membership of the fund was opened up to all NSW Aboriginal people. Members were required to pay an annual membership fee. Membership of the Funeral Fund was closed in February 1994.

As members of the fund had paid membership fees in the expectation that they would be given assistance with funeral expenses, NSWALC determined that persons who were financial members when the former Funeral Fund closed were entitled to a funeral grant of up to $5000.

NSWALC has also determined that any NSW Aboriginal person who was not a member of the Insurance Funeral Fund is able to apply for a NSWALC funeral grant of up to $1000 to assist with covering the funeral costs.

Grants are paid directly to funeral service providers under this community benefits scheme.

This grant scheme is operated under strict criteria.

For further details of eligibility under the scheme, please contact NSWALC on (02) 9689 4444 Toll Free on: 1800 647 487