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The Gymea Lily


Gymea Lily flower

As you look up at the towering blossoming Gymea Lily, it gives you a spiritual feeling as though you are soaring like an eagle, hovering overlooking smaller native animals on the distant landscape floor. Being on Country amongst these giant flowers gives you the strength through its powerful energy to be who you are and enables you to be present and to be mindful of your sacred purpose. The Gymea Lilies aura also breaks down barriers of fear and trepidation to THRIVE!

Growing from an evergreen bulb that has roots that can be resilient through the toughest of conditions, i.e. drought & bush fire to then flower. We need all three sections like the Gymea Lily synchronised to move forward for a stronger future.

The brilliant giant Gymea Lily red/crimson flower is a crowded cluster of many smaller flowers that flourishes on our land. At Gandangara, we use the spectacular flower as a metaphor to represent Stronger Business.

The giant spear-like stem that soars to the sky of the Gymea Lily is the strength and structure that supports the brilliant flower at the top. We use the stem to signify Stronger Governance to keep us strong.

The leaves of the Gymea Lily radiates out far and wide. We use the leaves as a metaphor to signify developing stronger connections.

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