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Partner With Us - Corporate

The opportunities for partnering and conducting business with Gandangara are as many and varied as the needs of our community.

Whether you’re a large or small private enterprise, a local, state or federal government department, there is a rewarding way for you to fulfill your giving goals and desire to help your community.

We are a successful, cleverly run business that is continually building relationships with our key stakeholders in the region, creating opportunities to work and prosper together.

We have strong partnerships with several local councils, government departments, businesses and community organisations, with a reputation as a trustworthy, reliable partner. We have also successfully won well over $2 million of external funding, since January 2019, to run our programs in health promotion and emotional wellbeing, disease prevention, transport services for our Members, and community events. Together with our partners we continue to deliver on our goals of developing and protecting the very best interests of our Members and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in our community.

Please explore the below links to see how you can engage with our community.