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Gandangara is undertaking an ambitious program to close the educational gap in our community, and especially amongst our children and teenagers. We have created a scholarship fund to provide the financial support for them to get a good education and encourage them to go onto higher learning.

We are currently offering six scholarships worth up to $3750 each. All our scholarship recipients will be actively involved in their local Aboriginal community, providing a good role model to others, having a genuine desire to further their education and be motivated to be a good citizen. 

With so many more children and young adults in our community who are in need of financial help and encouragement to get a good education, we are appealing to businesses and organisations in our community to add their support to this most worthwhile of causes. You will be helping directly in improving both the lives of the recipients and their families, and making us a better, smarter community.


Please contact us today on 9602 5280 or, or use the Contact Us form if you wish to learn more or Partner with us in this way.