Connect. Belong. Thrive.


About Us

Our main objective, for each of our Members, is to improve and protect their social and emotional wellbeing by creating a meaningful connection between us based on mutual respect and understanding. We also work hard at building a closer, healthier and stronger community through a range of services, regular open communication, public meetings, and information sharing. Just as importantly, we provide a culturally safe place for our Members to come together to yarn, connect and feel they belong.

We also aim to improve, foster and protect the best interests of Members and all First People within GLALC's borders by providing greater access to health services, transport, education, mentorship and work-life opportunities. We actively promote, protect and celebrate our Aboriginal identity, culture and heritage as well as manage, develop and sustain our land holdings, business enterprises and investments. We also provide and manage community benefit schemes and services.  

We achieve all these important outcomes by being strong. We are strong culturally, ethically, organisationally, financially and strategically. We are strong because that is what we are as a people.

The shape and depth of GLALC's footprint is the expression of our reason for being. Our maxim: Connect.  Belong.  Thrive.

Connection occurs when a meaningful relationship is built through respect and understanding with the ultimate Connection being to Country. Connections grow over time and it can be difficult to Connect with Aboriginality, mobs, culture, protocols, history, sacred sites and art. GLALC treasures the Connections made by Members and encourages and sponsors them in any way possible. Belonging is a journey that starts with a yarn, circle or meeting then broadens to utilising a service, then repeating to become deeper and more structured until finally you belong.  There is safety in belonging as you feel welcome and can voice your true opinion and be respected.  You are accepted and can dispel all your concerns. GLALC nurtures without judgement.  Growing and succeeding results from thriving. GLALC encourages striving for total fulfillment and reaching for the best you can be. With GLALCs help you can monitor your physical, mental and emotional health and look beyond the mundanities to find the guiding light. GLALC tailors individual programs to meet the specific needs of each Member.