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Listening To The Community

We make a point of having clear and regular communication between our community and the Gandangara Local Aboriginal Council, to make sure their voices are heard and foster genuine collaboration between us. This is critical to helping us define what the community wants or needs to have happened, and the best ways to implement them.

By using select committees, surveys and engaging directly with our community members we help them take ownership of their needs and the process of delivering on those needs.

On behalf of the community, we have working groups to conceptualise specific programs, projects and solutions and then form rollout plans to implement them. These have included many health, education, housing and business plan initiatives – more fully described in our latest Annual Report and Community, Land and Business Plans available in our News and Publications section.

Our active engagement with the community has also led to the development and implementation of many popular events that have included:

  • NAIDOC Week Lectures
  • Regional NAIDOC Ball
  • NAIDOC Movie Nights
  • GLALC Ordinary Members Meeting
  • Kari Father And Son Camp
  • National Apology Day

You can see a full calendar of regular and up and coming events on our facebook page

We are regularly and actively engaging with you, our community, using personal surveys to get to know you better, and to find out what your needs and concerns now and for the future.

They directly inform our decision making process and are used to develop and implement strategies and programs that are designed to specifically meet your needs and concerns.  

For example, our current  four-year Business Plan was the direct result of our consultations and many surverys ( 17 in total ) we undertook, to get extensive insight into community issues. They revealed some health issues in particular – that there was a higher incidence of heart and lung conditions in our community - and having this knowledge allowed us to plan for and provide appropriate services to help with these health issues.

Another example is Naidoc Week, which came out of this process of community engagement and involved the organization, management and sponsorship of this and other big events we have staged.

We will be regularly publishing the results of our surveys, and the key needs identified in them, on this site.

Use the  links below to view the current CLBP,  survey results and publications.