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Volunteering For Gandangara

Our work is never finished. There’s always another project or event that needs doing. There’s always more work for us to do than there are hands to do it. That’s why we’re asking for our community to come forward as volunteers, to add their hands to our tasks.

We have a full calendar of community events, promotions and gatherings that are always in need of extra support. We have film shoots promoting our services that need talent and technical help. We have large environmental clean-up and restoration programs that need time and effort. So there are many different and varied opportunities for you to volunteer your time, skills, talents and energy, to suit your interests and availability.

We appreciate every little bit of help we get, so if you are in a position to volunteer once, now and again or regularly, please use the links below to register your interest. If you need to know any more about our volunteer opportunities please contact  

  • Link to our Talent Registration Form
  • Work experience form
  • Volunteer for the clean-up Healthcote
  • Volunteer for a film shoot (Members call out)
  • Member skills and talent form

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