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Meet the Enterprise Sustainability, Property and Corporate Services Team


Enterprise, as the word implies, refers to us as a company or business organised for commercial purposes. We are a Member-based organisation that is managed in business-like manner for the benefit of our Members. Enterprise also describes the attitude and way we run our business – with ingenuity, an adventurous spirit and a confidence in tackling everything we do. That’s what we like to think of ourselves as being – a successful, cleverly run business.



As it is with all successful businesses, a big focus of our management is on making money. This includes profit generated by our services, growing our liquid assets like cash in the bank, as well as improving and increasing the sustainability of the commercial value of our land holdings, houses and commercial properties. To do all of these things well involves the development and implementation of wise, effective investment and land use strategies.

We aren’t in the business of making money for the sake of it, or at the expense of our values, ethics and integrity. However, we do need to have an enterprising business mindset to ensure the long-term sustainability of Gandangara’s financial health, and eventually, to achieve our total financial independence. Quite simply, the more money we make, the more income streams we generate, then the less we have to rely on grants and the more self-determining we become. We get to control what we do and when we do it, by ourselves, for ourselves.

There are many contributing parts to Gandangara’s financial makeup and they all need specific attention. The most significant areas of cost, and potential sources of income, are our services. We are constantly looking at existing efficiencies of our services
and evaluating how and where they can be improved, how and where they can
reduce costs. Simultaneously, we also look at where our services can increase
their incomes through expanding their offerings and by growing their customer or
patient bases.


Corporate services, which includes procurement, property management and implementing the ICT Roadmap for Gandangara.